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Fruit Platter

Breakfast Options

Light Breakfast: $9/person

  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Assorted Scones and Muffins
  • Orange Juice, Coffee & Hot Tea

Yogurt & Bagel Bar: $12/person

  • Fresh Fruit Platter

  • Assorted Bagels
    With cream cheese, peanut butter & jams

  • Yogurt Bar
    With granola, honey, agavi, blueberries,
    raspberries & sliced strawberries

  • Orange Juice, Coffee & Hot Tea

Coffee Service Only: $10/pot

  • Serves about 12 8-ounce cups/pot

  • Includes cups, sugar & cream

Sandwich Bar

Lunch Options

Sandwich Bar: $12/person

  • Make Your Own Sandwich Bar

  • Variety of Chips

  • Fresh Baked Cookies

Soup & Salad: $14/person

  • Choice of 2 Salads

  • Choice of 2 Soups

  • Choice of Cookies or Brownies

  • Fresh Bread

Baked Potato Bar: $15/person

  • Baked Potato Bar
    Includes butter, sour cream, shredded cheese blend, crumbled bacon, chopped green onion

  • Choice of Salad

  • Fresh Bread

All lunch options include an assortment of cold beverages.

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