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The Sequoia Conference Center features the most advanced multimedia technology found in Humboldt County. Send a variety of different video and sources to any or all of the screens in the rooms to display your content in the most effective, impactful way possible.


Sequoia A features a 3×3 video board, a 90″ flatscreen, and two 80″ flatscreens.

Sequoia B features a massive 5×5 video board and four 80″ flatscreens, two flanking the video board and two more about halfway back in the room.

Both video boards can display a single source or be split up to show two or four sources simultaneously.

Each room has two wall panels to connect computers and audio sources, as well as the ability to send a computer source wirelessly into the system. The two rooms can be used independently with separate audio programs or combined for one large group.

Each room has its own dedicated Cisco videoconferencing unit and multiple cameras for conferencing. We can host videoconferences capable of including up to 15 separate video sites and 5 additional audio participants.


Our center features extremely robust Wi-fi capable of handling connections from at least 600 devices at a time.